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Training Basic Course & Licence Level DOSB-Licence C

Ausbildung Basislehrgang & Lizenzstufe DOSB-Lizenz C

Inter-sport training (basic course)

BL 23015 22.09. – 22.10.2023 Weekend course in Marzahn

In these 61 teaching units, the theoretical basics in the areas of sports methodology, communication, sports biology, nutrition, training theory, exercise theory, legal basics, sport and society as well as child protection/prevention of sexualised violence in sport are developed.

Participant-related teaching didactics and methodology ensure practice-oriented training. Seminar materials support learning, contain the material relevant to the examination and literature references and make taking notes almost superfluous.

The course is recognised as educational time in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Admission requirements:

– Completion of the 16th year of life

– Membership in a sports club (indirectly) belonging to the Landessportbund (state sports federation)

€ 190 (including digital course materials)

€ 25 € Course materials as print version on request

Further information and registration:


Licence level DOSB-Licence C | Interdisciplinary popular sport

Adult/elderly profile, focus on “adults (fitness)” and “older people

The contents seamlessly follow on from the knowledge gained in the basic course and take into account the special features of different target groups, also with regard to impairments and physical complaints. In this way, flexible use as a practice leader becomes possible, as nothing stands in the way of effective specialisation, as is often required in practice.

After successfully completing the basic training course, entry into this part of the training is possible at any time during the year. Licensing training, including basic training, must be completed within two years. The examination takes the form of a written preparation of a training lesson and its practical implementation (teaching sample).

Admission requirements:

– successfully completed basic training course

– Completion of the 16th year of life

– Membership in a sports club (indirectly) belonging to the Landessportbund (state sports federation)


It is possible to complete both profiles in parallel. The basic seminars only have to be attended once. The basic seminars are recognised for the acquisition of the 2nd licence level if this is completed within two years.

one profile: € 345

two profiles: € 425

Course script as print version on request: 15 €

Possible dates in Marzahn (subject to change):

DateFromUntilSeminar name
Friday, 13 January 202318:00:0022:00:00Power
Saturday, 14 January 202310:00:0013:00:00Relaxation
Sunday, 15 January 202310:00:0013:00:00Relaxation
Monday, 16 January 202318:00:0022:00:00Functional gymnastics
Thursday, 19 January 202318:00:0022:00:00Functional gymnastics
Thursday, 26 January 202318:00:0022:00:00Functional gymnastics
Monday, 6 February 202318:00:0022:00:00Coordination
Thursday, 9 February 202318:00:0022:00:00Coordination
Thursday, 16 February 202318:00:0022:00:00Seniors “FiA
Saturday, 18 February 202310:00:0014:00:00Endurance
Sunday, 19 February 202310:00:0014:00:00Endurance
Thursday, 23 February 202318:00:0022:00:00Small games
Friday, 3 March 202318:00:0022:00:00Fitness “Aerobic”
Sunday, 5 March 202310:00:0014:00:00Fitness “Pilates”
Friday, 10 March 202318:00:0022:00:00Methodology
Saturday, 11 March 202311:00:0015:00:00Methodology
Sunday, 12 March 202314:30:0018:30:00Teachings
Sunday, 23 April 202309:00:0013:00:00Teaching sample F
Sunday, 23 April 202314:00:0018:00:00Sample lesson G

Further information and registration:


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