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The BSB MaHe GI project would like to thank its cooperation partners

Das GI-Projekt des BSB MaHe dankt den Kooperationspartnern

Dear cooperation partners.

Before the year 2023 comes to an end, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the cooperation that we were able to work with you in 2023 and for the common goal of getting Marzahn-Hellersdorf moving with many different great projects.

Together with you and many other stakeholders, we have succeeded in developing a wide range of offers for Marzahn-Nord and Hellersdorf-Nord and enabling people to take the step to become active for themselves.

When a club attracts a wide variety of people, when girls* find their way to a youth center because of a sporting offer, we know that we are on the right track.

Thanks to the extensive exchange, we already know where we want to build on and continue to be active with you in 2024 and where we can make our voice heard in your interests.

With this in mind, we would like to thank everyone for every single contact and every cooperation. Above all, we wish you a few quiet minutes with your loved ones.

Your GI project managers from the MaHe District Sports Association

Cooperation partner:

Schlaufuchs Berlin @schlaufuchsberlin
JFZ Betonia (Kickboxing) @jugendzentrum_betonia
Kilele – Kinder lernen Leben gGmbH @kilele_berlin

VfL FORTUNA Marzahn e.V.
Niche Jfe
pad e.V.
BSV Eintracht Mahlsdorf e.V.
FFC Berlin 2004 e.V.
Red Tree Berlin
Women’s sports hall – Fit & Fun Marzahn e.V.
MIM – Migrant Women in Marzahn e.V.

GI project – joint project to promote health and physical activity in Marzahn-Nord and Hellersdorf-Nord

    The joint project to promote health and physical activity in Marzahn-Nord and Hellersdorf-Nord has been launched as part of the interdepartmental joint initiative to strengthen socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods, funded by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing and the Senate Department for the Interior, Digitization and Sport.

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